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炭素管理ソフトとサービス市場の分析と予測: 進化する炭素管理業界と企業向けエネルギー管理とのコンバージェンス
Carbon Management Software and Services The Evolving Carbon Management Industry and its Convergence with Enterprise Energy Management: Market Analysis and Forecasts
■商品番号 pikecmss11 ■出版日 2011-06-13
■出版社 Pike Research ■ページ数 101
■図表数 37 ■価格 U$ 3,800
■商品形態 電子媒体    

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction to Carbon Management Software and Services
1.2 Market Opportunities
1.3 Market Forces
1.4 Competitive Landscape

2. Market Issues

2.1 Introduction and Background
2.2 Rising GHG Emissions
2.2.1 CO2 Emissions by Region and Country
2.3 Increased Focus on Energy Management
2.3.1 Reference to Sustainability and Social Responsibility
2.4 Carbon Management Adoption Outlook
2.4.1 Sustainability Adoption
2.5 Market Drivers
2.5.1 Cap-and-Trade and Carbon Pricing
2.5.2 Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Building Efficiency U.S. Government Incentives
2.5.3 Regulatory Compliance The United Kingdom The U.S. EPA’s Clean Air Act Rule The U.S. SEC Guidance President Obama’s Executive Order (EO)
2.5.4 Business Sentiment and Support for a Climate Bill
2.5.5 Brand Equity and Pressures The Carbon Trust Standard The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) The Climate Registry
2.5.6 Carbon Footprint Labeling U.K. Carbon Trust Footprinting Company France’s Carbon Footprint Labeling Program Swiss Carbon Footprint Labeling Initiative Sweden’s Carbon Footprint Labeling Scheme Australian Carbon Reduction Labeling Scheme Japan’s Carbon Footprint Labeling Scheme Taiwan’s Carbon Footprint Labeling U.S. Carbon Emissions Labeling
2.5.7 Carbon Standards and Accreditation
2.5.8 Supply Chain Programs, Procurement, and Mandates “Green” Procurement Pressures The Wal-Mart Mandate Other Supply Chain Mandates Honda Procter & Gamble IBM HP Global GHG Supply Chain and Product Lifecycle Standards The CDP’s Supply Chain Program
2.5.9 Increasing Need for Data Management and Analytics
2.5.10 Availability and Improvements of Technology Solution Systems and Data Integration Data Management and Content Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Scalability Flexible and Easy-to-Use Software Supply Chain and Scope 3 Emissions Focus SaaS and Cloud Computing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Tools Comprehensiveness
2.6 Market Inhibitors and Challenges
2.6.1 Early Phase of Carbon Management
2.6.2 Reliance on Internal Resources
2.6.3 Lack of Understanding and Know-How
2.6.4 Focus on the “Low-Hanging” Fruit
2.6.5 Ever-Changing and Uncertain Regulatory Environment
2.6.6 Slow Sales Cycle
2.6.7 Lack of Standards and Objective Reviews
2.6.8 Poor Data Quality
2.7 Market Adoption of Carbon Management
2.7.1 The Americas United States Climate Change Action in U.S. States and Municipalities Climate Change Action by U.S. Corporations Summary Canada Latin America
2.7.2 Europe The United Kingdom France Germany
2.7.3 Asia Pacific Japan Australia The Republic of Korea India China
2.7.4 Rest of the World The Middle East and South Africa Israel Turkey South Africa

3. Competitive Landscape

3.1 An Evolving and Maturing Market
3.1.1 Mergers & Acquisitions of Energy Management Companies
3.1.2 Partnerships
3.1.3 A Mixed Competitive Environment
3.2 A Winning Value Proposition
3.3 Software and Service Vendor Profiles
3.3.1 Accenture
3.3.2 Ecometrica
3.3.3 Enablon
3.3.4 FirstCarbon Solutions
3.3.5 Foresite Systems
3.3.6 Global CarbonSystems
3.3.7 Gobi Carbon Management Solutions Systems
3.3.8 Greenstone Carbon Management
3.3.9 Hara
3.3.10 IBM
3.3.11 IHS
3.3.12 Infosys
3.3.13 Johnson Controls Inc.
3.3.14 Locus Technologies
3.3.16 SAP
3.3.17 SAS Institute
3.3.18 Schneider Electric
3.3.19 Verisae

4. Market Forecasts

4.1 Forecast Introduction
4.1.1 The Market Conditions for Carbon Management
4.1.2 Assumptions Determining This Forecast
4.1.3 Worldwide Carbon Management Software and Services External Spending by Region
4.2 Carbon Management Software Spending vs. Services Spending
4.2.1 Carbon Management Software Spending
4.2.2 Carbon Management Services Spending Worldwide Services Spending by Services Segment Carbon Management Software and Services Spending by Industry

5. Company Directory
6. Acronym and Abbreviation List
7. Table of Contents
8. Table of Charts and Figures
9. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

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